Birth and Hypnotherapy….Full day workshop 

This day focuses very much on your mental preparation for birth, again an area often missing on other courses. It helps you address and overcome any fears, teaches you how to relax and use your breathing effectively and helps you understand why and how these things are so important. This day also looks at your birthing partners worries and fears so that we can work through these together...Attend as a couple...

14th March

4th April

16th May

11th July

I love teaching these classes as they compliment my role as a midwife.  They are an opportunity to learn skills to manage your labour and to have a controlled and calm birth.   I teach people about the birthing process as part of a couple and they leave the full day with a far better range of tools to help them through the birth.  

Are you worried or scared about labour or birth?

Being scared, fearful or anxious about giving birth can have a negative impact on your body during pregnancy and labour. Feeling relaxed, breathing effectively and staying calm at all times can dramatically reduce the level of tension, adrenaline and so the level of pain experienced is muchly reduced

The Village Hall Lazenby 

ts6 8du


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