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What is hypnosis ? Can I be hypnotised ?


YES…..Hypnosis is a natural state which we are in and out of several times during the day.  It happens when we drive home but can’t remember getting there?...... Yes we have all done it!....Its a natural time of relaxation where our mind is resting but is open to positive suggestion….  Our mind stores routines and habits in our subconscious so that we automatically going down those routes on a daily basis.  Through a process of relaxation and directed hypnosis we can create new pathways which are healthier, and more positive for us so instead of smoking or over-eating our mind will go to the new healthier and happier alternative…..


Is hypnosis safe ? Will I come out of it ? Can I be controlled through it ?


Hypnosis is entirely safe.  Remember that you are doing it to make a positive change in your life.  You will certainly come out of the hypnotic state when you are directed and you may even feel like you have slept.  You will only do what you want to do.  You cannot be controlled in anyway.  


Ok so I’m ready to give it a go….What will this entail?


Excellent ! We can start by a simple telephone conversation at your convenience which is free.  I can listen to your issues and decide whether hypnotherapy is an appropriate therapy for you….You can also decide whether you feel it is the right time for you or/and I am the right therapist for you.  If it is not right for you then I can signpost you to other options.  If you decide to go ahead we can chat about you, your life and the changes you want to make.  We can set some achievable goals and arrange a formal session.


How much will it cost ?


The initial telephone consultation is free.  We will set out a holistic plan for you based on our chat and I will tailor this to your needs.   A 1 hour appointment will be £45.  The number of sessions needed can be estimated at consultation but these of course are based on you as an individual.  


Will it work ?


For hypnosis to work you must believe it will work therefore I will talk to you about the process so that you can understand it fully.  You also must want it to work !  You may feel like you should make the change but sometimes your mind is quite happy with the way it is and no amount of hypnosis will change that if you do not want it enough.  We can establish this early on.


Can I bring someone with me to the session ?


The sessions are best done in a quiet, undisturbed and focussed environment.  If you have someone with you then this is a distraction you do not need and will therefore not be encouraged.


Is hypnotherapy recognised in the medical world ?


ABSOLUTELY !! It has been cited in NICE guidance for management of many conditions within the NHS and there have been studies to suggest that it is 30 x more powerful than will-power alone.

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